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Denson, Robbie Principal
Davidson, Wanda Secretary
Wise, Jackie Counselor

Alashti, Janet Library
Arnault, Bethany Special Education Teacher (Pre-K - 3rd Grade)
Carter, Vicky Special Education Assistant
Coffey, Shuni 3rd/4th Grade Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science
Connerly, Tomeka 2nd Grade Language Arts and Spelling
Denson, Robbie Principal
Ellis, Melody Speech Pathologist
Fisher, Lilia 5th/6th Math, Science, and Social Studies
Gant, Trey Second Grade Assistant
Hall, Sherry 5th/6th Grade Reading, Language Arts, and Spelling
Hemphill, Clara Pre-K Assistant
Henderson, Linda Library Assistant
Howard, Stephanie Pre-K Teacher
Johnson, Leigh Interventionist
Jones, Regina 3rd/4th Reading and Math
Lampkin, Valarie First Grade Assistant
Lee, Eric Special Education Teacher (4th - 6th Grade)
Martin, Missy First Grade Teacher
McCool, Rachel Music Teacher
McMinn, Sherri 2nd Grade Reading and Math
McMullen, Ellen Kindergarten Assistant
McMullen, Fannie Kindergarten Assistant
McNutt, Brenda First Grade Assistant
Raines, Karla Kindergarten Teacher
Snyder, Bill Special Education Teacher
Talley, Shaine P.E. Coach
Talley, Yassi Kindergarten Teacher
Tennant, Cathy First Grade Teacher
Utley, Jessica Pace Teacher

Blane, Wade Bus Driver
McNutt, David Janitorial Staff
Raybourn, Sherry Bus Driver
Robinson, Alice Cafeteria Staff
Robinson, Quincy Bus Driver
Stevenson, Angie Cafeteria Staff
Townsend, Kay Cafeteria Staff
Woodard, Jermaine Janitorial Staff