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1st and 2nd Grade Memphis Zoo Trip
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Friday, April 12, 2019
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It's a Beautiful Day at the Zoo

The WES students had an amazing time at the Memphis Zoo.  The zoo had many animals from different parts of the world.  Students were so excited about this trip and the weather didn't let us down.  The wether was amazing - sunny with a nice light breeze.  There were LEGO built animals all over the park - we know this was a difficult task because we have been building LEGO animals in Science class each Friday.  The gentleman who built the LEGO animals told how many hours it took to build each one, how many LEGO bricks were involved, the conservation status of the of the animal, and a brief summary about the animal that was built from LEGO bricks.  The Panda exhibit on loan from China was really nice - many students enjoyed watching the Panda eat the Bamboo.  Students saw the new born Giraffe, tried to pick out each Elephant from the name cards outside their exhibit, name all of the different cats they saw, and beg for a ride on the camels.  What a wonderful trip for the students to experience.  Big thank-yous to everyone who was involved in making the trip a success!

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